Meet Mark

Mark HodgsonI am running for Charter Review Commission to continue a passion for service that began in the armed forces and has continued with a career in law enforcement. This passion has led me to volunteer with community non-profits and local government advisory commissions. Together, we can work towards a future where affordable housing is accessible, public safety is prioritized, economic opportunities are expanded, and our environment is protected. I am committed to making Clallam County a thriving, resilient community for all its residents.

My family moved to the Olympic Peninsula in 1990. I grew up in Port Angeles with my sister and brother, attending our local schools. Like many families today, we struggled to find affordable housing. Much of my childhood was spent moving from one rental property to another. It wasn’t until my parents qualified for a first-time homeowner’s program, that we were finally able to settle into a place of our own. Homeownership changed the trajectory of my family’s life by giving us a safe and stable place to go to after school, grow up and prepare for adulthood. 30 years later, families in our county are still struggling to find affordable housing, preventing them from achieving a key driver of household wealth and economic stability.

 After high school, I enlisted in the US Navy. Doing so continued a tradition of family service to our nation. Both of my parents served in the Marine Corps, my grandfather served in the Army Air Corps, and my great-grandfather served in the Army during WWII. "Service before self" is a motto I have lived by and taught to my children as a guiding principle. My son now carries on the tradition of family service as a staff sergeant in the US Air Force.


During my time in the Navy, I served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and later as a Special Warfare Combat Crewman in Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism. While serving in the Navy, I saw firsthand the collective strength found in diversity and learned the leadership skills, teamwork, and grit it takes to accomplish the mission. When my enlistment ended, I looked for ways to continue to serve in uniform. In 2006, I became a commissioned law enforcement officer and served for over 15 years on the Olympic Peninsula. My time in law enforcement has reinforced the importance of public safety, community involvement, responding with compassion, and acting with humility.

My career in public service has been rewarding and given me far more than I could have anticipated. I’ve been able to work with great people who believe in helping others, being part of the solution, and earning the public’s trust with integrity through action. It also introduced me to other opportunities to contribute to our community. In looking to do my part, better understand the issues our county faces and give back to the place I call home, I’ve served on the Clallam County Homelessness Taskforce, Port Angeles Parks & Recreation Commission, Olympia Social Justice, and Equity Commission. I've also served as board president of the Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center and Habitat for Humanity of Clallam County.         

Our county is one of only seven in the state that operates under a Home Rule charter. The Charter allows us to have a direct say in our local government’s form and structure. I want to ensure Clallam County is responsive to the current and future challenges we are facing together. Please vote for me for Charter Review Commission, Position 3!

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